Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (2024)

Baldur's Gate 3 is a massive game, and it can be overwhelming trying to scour every corner of the map for treasure. You might have completed an entire run only to hear about several tucked-away locations you didn't know to look for. Especially if you get caught up in the momentum of the story, you might miss some hidden treasures that have nothing to do with the plot.


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Luckily, each act gives you plenty of time to explore. If you missed any of these treasures on your first run, when you were still figuring out the game, you can always get them on a replay. Here are some hidden gems you don't want to miss!

11 The Everburn Blade

The Best Weapon You Can Get Early Game

When you first played through BG3, arriving at the end of the tutorial probably didn't strike you as the time to be on the lookout for some loot. But there's a very early game opportunity here to score a decent weapon.

The only thing you have to do is take the time to defeat (or steal from) Zhalk on the Nautiliod. Just make sure you're doing so within the time limit imposed by the crashing ship.

10 The Owlbear Cave's Gilded Chest

You Don't Even Have To Fight The Owlbear For This One

You can miss this cave completely on a first playthrough if you don't know what to look out for, but once you know where it is, it isn't hard to enter. There is an Owlbear inside (which is part of another quest), but that's not what we're here for.

In this cave is a locked chest with an enchantment that blocks users from opening it. There's a small puzzle to get rid of that enchantment, and then you can open it. Notably, it contains a bloodstone and the Moondrop Pendant.

9 The Toll House Vault

A Trapdoor, Locked Door, And Two Thrones Sit Between You And Treasure

Those who recruited Karlach might have gone straight into this battle without pausing to talk to the people they were about to kill, missing some interesting dialogue about a trapdoor they do not want you to go into.

Once you enter the trapdoor, you'll find a locked door, and beyond that, you'll encounter two thrones that will open up a secret area if sat on at the same time. In this vault room, you'll find a +1 greataxe and the Gloves of Heroism.

8 Skeleton Under The Risen Road Bridge

The Smugger's Ring Is A Must For Anyone Sneaky

If there's an area you can reach in this game, odds are there's something hidden somewhere in it. In this case, if you explore beneath the bridge on the Risen Road, you have the chance to find a hidden skeleton, tucked away under a bush.


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It's easy to miss, so keep an eye out for it along the path. Hidden on this skeleton is the Smugger's Ring, which grants the wearer a bonus on Stealth and Sleight of Hand.

7 The Harpy Nest

If You Found This Fight, There's More To It

Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (3)

You might have missed this fight entirely, but even if you didn't, there's more to do after killing the harpies and saving the tiefling child. Once you've finished this battle, go ahead and keep following the path through the water. You should loop around the tall rock and see another path.

You'll need to jump a few times to climb up to the nest itself, but once there you'll find the Ring of Color Spray and a bloodstone.

6 The Harper's Stash

Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (4)

At the Grymforge, accessed by boat in the Underdark, you were probably so distracted by gathering the pieces to get Adamantine armor and weapons, that you missed this little side area entirely. It contains three mimics, which you can choose to fight or avoid.

It also contains the "Harper's Stash" alluded to in a note found in the Sharran ruins nearby. The way to get the actual chest requires some light puzzle solving, but once you have it you'll find some gold and a Scroll of Evidence (which has to do with the lore of Act 2).

5 Behind The Goblin Camp's Waterfall

More Than Just A Hiding Place For Mithara's Secret Admirer

No matter how thoroughly you've explored the Goblin Camp, you may have missed this little area off the side, to the left of the waypoint (back to it), and down a ladder behind the goblin children. It's tucked away, in classic video game fashion, behind a waterfall, and it contains a locked chest and some interesting notes on a goblin's feelings for Minthara.


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If you get past a few traps to open the locked chest, you'll be rewarded with camp supplies, poison, gold, a greataxe, and an Elixer of Arcane Cultivation.

4 The Harper Outpost

Finding a Unique One-Use Item

Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (6)

You might not have realized this part of the map existed at all because it has no relevance to completing the main plot lines of your adventure. However, if you have been exploring, you might have found this area, which you can climb up to across from the entrance to the Emerald Grove. (You will have to jump up onto a ledge, first, but you should see the wall you can climb above it.)

At the top of this climb, you'll have the opportunity to interact with a rocky crevice filled with spiders. Inside, if you succeed in your checks, you'll receive a pouch that holds some gold, sure, but also the Spider Egg Sac. This item allows you to summon a handful of spiders, and it has some interesting applications in later battles.

3 The Base Of The Rosymorn Monastery

A Pit-Stop On Your Quest To Find The Blood Of Lathander

In order to find the legendary weapon hidden in the Rosymorn Monastery, you'll be hunting down several other weapons. One of these is a mace buried in a grave outside the monastery.

Once you have this mace, don't simply go back inside. Instead, keep going until you find a place to climb down. If you continue along that path, you'll find a tucked-away area with a chest full of randomized loot you can lockpick.

Don't Let The Arcane Tower's Fight Distract From Studying Furniture

Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (7)

There's a lot to investigate in the Arcane Tower, so it's no wonder you might not have investigated every single piece of furniture. On the top floor of the Arcane Tower is a suspicious stool that makes you feel powerful, but only while actively sitting on it. If you go ahead and break this stool, you'll be rewarded with the Club of Hill Giant Strength.


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What makes this weapon useful is that it increases the carrier's strength to 19, so it can be used to help a character pass skill checks.

1 The Festering Cove

Are You Sure You've Discovered Everything The Underdark Has To Offer?

Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (9)

This hidden cove is an area that you can find near the mushroom portals, after jumping over a gap and climbing down into the Underdark's further depths. In a first play-through, attempting to survive, you'd be forgiven for having missed this area completely, especially if you were focused on the bigger quests in the area.

The Festering Cove houses a bunch of Kuo-Tao, who are worshiping a strange god (though you might want to double-check this). There are a few interesting items you can get down here, depending on what you choose, such as the Sickle of BOOOAL.


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Baldur’s Gate 3: 11 Hidden Treasures You Missed In Act 1 (2024)
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