How to Create an AI Video Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide (2024)

Are you learning how to create an AI video without professional editing skills? You have landed at the right place. Normally, videos can eat up hours upon hours with intense editing and shooting processes. However, with the powerful AI engines available now, AI is catching up fast. AI-generated videos can transform your content generation strategies by saving you precious time and energy for your YouTube content. Let's learn how to create AI videos using the CapCut desktop video editor and discover the benefits of AI videos.

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  1. 1Why do you need an AI-generated video
  2. 2Create high-quality AI videos with CapCut desktop video editor
  3. 3How to create an AI video with CapCut desktop video editor
  4. 4How to polish your video with AI tools
  5. 510 benefits of AI video generation
  6. 6Conclusion
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Why do you need an AI-generated video

AI videos are a great way to boost your productivity and cut down video editing times significantly. Whether you need video content for marketing and ad campaigns or for art and creativity, AI videos have become increasingly relevant. Moreover, AI videos are great for creating news summaries, video reports, or data visualizations to illustrate complex information easily. All in all, AI videos can help you build your YouTube channel or other social media platforms with engaging, value-oriented content.

Create high-quality AI videos with CapCut desktop video editor

The CapCut desktop video editor is an all-in-one video and audio editing software with powerful AI video generation capabilities. Whether for business, educational purposes, or entertainment ventures, CapCut's script to video maker allows you to produce stunning AI videos in seconds.

Key features:

  • Transform your ideas into videos like magic
  • CapCut PC comes with a powerful script-to-video feature that allows you to produce eye-catching videos from a script. You can also let AI generate a script for you and then generate a high-quality video.
  • Assist in copywriting and content creation with AI writer
  • The AI writer feature utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to assist users in generating high-quality, engaging content for various purposes. Whether you're creating marketing materials, blog posts, or social media content, the AI writer can enhance your writing process and help you achieve your content goals more efficiently.
  • Transform lengthy videos into engaging shorts
  • Do you create lots of reels for your TikTok account? With CapCut's new long videos to shorts feature, you can convert longer videos into shorter ones with a few clicks. This makes your videos have higher engagement and can also work as a funnel to bring the audience to the main video.
  • Automatically reframe your video for maximum impact
  • Amongst other time-saving features, CapCut PC comes with the auto reframe capability. This allows you to intelligently reframe videos involving cropping in and out without disturbing their aesthetics and keeping the main subject in the frame.
  • Enhance your video with powerful visuals
  • Want to add subtle details to enrich your videos? CapCut PC comes with rich text templates, stickers, filters and effects that improve the overall storytelling of your videos and help you increase engagement.
  • Powerful video and audio editing features
  • Are you a pro video editor who needs advanced editing features for your videos? CapCut offers powerful features such as split scenes, speed curves, transcript-based editing, masking, and others. Moreover, it is also packed with basic trimming, cutting, rotating, reversing, and other rich features to enhance your experience.
  • Boost your reach with easily shareable content
  • With CapCut PC, you can easily share your content with YouTube or TikTok with one click. This quick shareability allows you to instantly share content with your audience and increases the engagement multifold.

How to create an AI video with CapCut desktop video editor

With CapCut's script-to-video feature, you can effortlessly let AI generate a script for you and create stunning AI videos using simple scripts. This saves you crucial time and resources and helps you boost creativity. This relieves you from the entire process of manual video creation. Click the link below and download CapCut desktop software onto your computer!

Download for free

  1. Create an Al video
  2. First, open "Script to video" from CapCut's home page and select the type of video you need to generate. Next, fill in the relevant details regarding the video content. Once done, press "Generate script".

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  4. Once it generates a script for you, press the "Generate video" button on the top right corner. This will give you 2 options. To instantly generate a video using the materials from CapCut, click on the "Smart generation" option. To generate video with materials on your device, click on the "Local media" option.
  5. Note: You can also add your personalized script and let AI generate a video using that.

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  7. Step
  8. Customize your Al-generated video
  9. Once you have generated the video, you can now use CapCut's rich editing features to customize and finetune your AI-generated media. You can edit your video's captions and change font style and size with CapCut's text editor for better visual details. Moreover, you can also use CapCut's basic editing features such as cutting, cropping, trimming, rotating, etc.

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  11. To further enrich your generated video, access CapCut's rich library of stickers, text templates, effects, and filters from the top toolbar.

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  13. Step
  14. Export and share

Finally, once you are satisfied with your AI video, press the "Export" button in the top right corner. Now, enter the video title, resolution, format, and other parameters for the exported video. In the next window, you can also export the video directly to TikTok and YouTube. Export your AI video

The post-production stage is crucial in video making. To ensure that your video has reached the level you initially aimed for, you can use CapCut's AI-powered customization tools such as stickers, voice changers, AI-text templates, and other handy features. Let's learn more.

Download for free

  1. Use various video effects
  2. First, you can use CapCut's AI-generated stickers that can be created with simple textual prompts. These offer great customization and let you enrich your videos with stunning graphical content.

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  4. Moreover, you can create engaging tutorial videos by using CapCut's AI character feature. Simply head to the "Text" tab, insert some text, and choose your favourite character from the "AI Characters" tab on the right panel.

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  6. Moreover, you can change the voice of your narrator using CapCut's AI-powered voice changers that offer hundreds of voice types so you can choose the most suitable one. Import a video in the editing timeline, head to the "Voice changer" tab from the right panel under the "Audio" section, and choose a new voice type.

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  8. Step
  9. Add subtitles
  10. Using CapCut's AI-powered auto-captions feature, you can add subtitles to your videos in a single click. From under the "Text" section, head to the "Auto captions" tab, choose the video language and hit "Generate". This will generate accurate captions that you can later manually customize and edit as needed.

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  12. Moreover, you can create stunning AI-generated text templates using word prompts to add eye-catching word art to your videos. From the "Text" tab, click on "AI generated" and insert the text for which you want to generate a template. You can also describe the colour and vibe of your template.

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  14. Step
  15. Export and share

Once done, you can export your video to the local storage or simply share it on TikTok or YouTube with CapCut's one-click sharing.

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10 benefits of AI video generation

AI video generation has revolutionized the way content makers create and share videos on social media platforms. What benefits can you achieve by using AI for your video generation ventures? Here are 10 benefits of using AI videos in today's world:

  • It is cost efficient since most AI video generation tools are free.
  • It can quickly be produced (time-efficient).
  • It can be scaled. You can create AI videos in bulk.
  • AI videos are highly personalized according to your scripts.
  • AI ensures consistency in your video quality and style.
  • AI videos are highly accessible as they can be translated into multiple languages.
  • These videos allow you to explore various visual styles, effects, and storytelling techniques.
  • AI eliminates the chance of human error in production by automating repetitive tasks during the creation process.
  • Great for creating ads and marketing for any product.
  • Especially handy for generating educational tutorials on a specific topic.


In the modern world of social media, videos have fueled the idea of global connectivity. They enable people to quickly convey or float ideas, goals, stories, and products to their audiences. Where video production knows no bounds, the role of AI in video generation has been magnified in recent times. Whether for personal or professional purposes, AI can now generate high-definition graphics that save you the time and energy of producing a conventional video. Tools like the CapCut desktop video editor provide rich AI-powered video generation capabilities that boost your creativity and fast-track the content creation process. Sign up today and use CapCut's advanced script-to-video feature to achieve mastery in your AI videos.


  1. What is the best AI video editing tool?
  2. The CapCut desktop video editor is a powerful, free AI video editing software program that comes with a dedicated script-to-video tool. It takes your textual prompts and generates a video using the entered details. Moreover, it comes with rich video editing features such as auto-captions, stickers, text templates, etc. These allow you to create engaging content for your social media as well as educational purposes. Sign up for CapCut today and start creating stunning AI videos on the go.
  3. How to create video with AI?
  4. To create an AI video, simply open the script to the video tool from CapCut PC's homepage. Next, either add your personal script or let AI generate one for you using some details regarding your videos. Once done, the script-to-video tool will generate a high-quality AI video according to the details you mentioned. Other than that, CapCut comes with rich video editing features such as masking, auto-captions, voice changers, AI characters, etc. So, sign up and install CapCut today to convert your ideas into videos!
  5. How to create an AI video from text?
  6. With CapCut's script-to-video tool, you can use textual input to generate videos. Simply enter your script in the CapCut desktop editor, and generate a video using AI. You can also edit the textual script to add or remove the finer details from your video. So, sign up for CapCut today and don't miss out on amazing AI-generated videos.
How to Create an AI Video Easily: A Step-by-Step Guide (2024)
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