Not Even Dark Net Pros Can Access The Mysterious Mariana's Web, And The Reasons May Be Horrifying (2024)

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    Hacking Into The Network Requires Solving An Impossible Equation Using A Quantum Computer

    Those who believe in Mariana’s web sayits impenetrability is due to two factors:the first is that those who attempt to access it must have computational knowledge of Polymeric FalcigholDerivation, a complicated algorithm necessary toaccessthe network. Polymeric FalcigholDerivation is only mentioned in the context of Mariana’s web and doesn't appear to be a real mathematical concept.

    Second, the only way to calculate thealgorithm is through the use of a functioning quantum computer.When the idea of Mariana’s web was first circulated, quantum computing was still in its infancy, and no quantum computers officially existed.But thelack of availability seems to bepart of its allure. It’s said that only the most powerful governments in the world have quantum computers, and therefore only they have access to Mariana’s web.

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    Some Say It’s Run By A Powerful AI That Has Gained Sentience

    One of the rumors about Mariana’s web is that it's run byan enigmatic and powerful artificial intelligencesystem.It’s said to be an AI that acts as the Internet’s all-seeing matron, controlling information and monitoring remote systems.Some have even gone so far as to say that Mariana’s web is the AI itself, which is believed to be acompelling theory.Any being with that amount of knowledge has the potential to be incrediblydangerous.

    While artificial intelligence as a scientific discipline has existed since the 1950s, it has yet to reach that level of complexity, much less self-awareness.

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    The Dark Web Most Certainly Exists, And It’s Filled With Wonders And Horrors Alike

    Not Even Dark Net Pros Can Access The Mysterious Mariana's Web, And The Reasons May Be Horrifying (3)

    Photo: Scott Beale / flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND 2.0

    The Internet is actually comprised of a few types of "web." The first is the surface web, with which most everyone is familiar.It’s the web where pages are indexed andare, for the most part, publicly visible.Websites such as Facebook and Ranker all exist on the surface web.

    Then there’s the deep web, which is a collection of websites that are notpublicly viewable or indexed and cannot be accessed via asearch engine. Oneexample of a deep web page would be your private bank account; only you and perhaps a handful of people have access to it. Government agencies also store non-searchable, private information on the deep web.

    Thenthere's thedark web, or a small portion of the deep web that's intentionally hidden.Its defining feature is that it's completely private, and its users are untraceable.If you were to log into it, your actions are, for the most part, completely hidden.Facebook has a presence on the dark web, and it has been used in regions where open thought and communication are forbidden.It’s a place where journalists, social activists, and human rights advocates can communicate and share information freely, without the interference of oppressive powers.

    The dark web isknown for the Silk Road, where people trade criminal services and goods, such as assassinations, extreme p*rnography, illicit drugs, and stolen weaponry. Mariana’s web supposedly exists beneath the dark web.

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    Mariana’s Web Supposedly Holds History’s Darkest Secrets

    The Internet is ostensibly the largest database of information known to humankind, so it makes sense thatthe impenetrable Mariana’s web is home toits deepest and darkest secrets.Some believe Mariana's web contains acopy of the Vatican Secret Archives, which are records not intendedfor the public that the Vatican has compiledthroughout its long history.

    It’s also supposedly home to databases from governmentagencies around the world and is said to contain the most powerful artificial intelligence system in existence, which may even control and monitor the Internet itself.

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    It Was Allegedly Designed To Distract From Dark Web Black Market Takedowns

    Not Even Dark Net Pros Can Access The Mysterious Mariana's Web, And The Reasons May Be Horrifying (5)

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    One theory about Mariana’s web isthat it was all fabricated on purpose. Urban legends often have highly obscure origins that no one can verify.However, some cyber security experts delved into the history behind the myth of Mariana's web, and they uncovered that it was created as a distraction.

    A former believer in Mariana's webdiscovered that the engineers of the disinformation campaign were outed hackers blackmailed bythe FBI into spreading rumors about a supposed extra layer of the web. In essence, they were forced to create the myth of Mariana’s web to distract people from the takedown of black markets on the Tor Network.The Silk Road, for example, was infamous for trading highly criminal services and goods, such as black tar heroin and child p*rnography.

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    Quantum Computing Exists, But Only In A Vacuum Near Absolute Zero

    Quantum computing is, at its core, a simple enough concept; it’s theexecution that’s problematic.Non-quantumcomputers rely on binary code consisting of 1 and0s.Quantum computing, in the simplest terms possible, extends that definition to say that an object can be 1 and a 0 at the same time, whichallowsquantum computers to calculate algorithms exponentially faster than any currently existingtechnology.

    The existence of quantum computers was confirmed in 2015 in apartnership between NASA, Google, and the Universal Space Research Association.However, the only way to run aquantum computer is by placing it in an extreme environment.Its CPU can only run in a vacuum whose pressure is10 billion times lower than that of the earth’s atmosphere.In addition, the vacuummust beat atemperature of 0.015 degrees above absolute zero.

  • Not Even Dark Net Pros Can Access The Mysterious Mariana's Web, And The Reasons May Be Horrifying (2024)
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