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The Raypak pool heater rollout switch (SW open) allows for the gas valve on a Raypak pool heater to be opened and closed with ease. The switch is located on the “rollout” side of the unit, usually near the top or bottom. To open it, simply turn it to the left until you hear a click sound; this will release any pressure that has built up in the system, allowing for smoother operation when starting up your heater.

Once opened, you can start your heater and begin enjoying warmer water temperatures. It’s important to keep in mind that after turning off your heater, you should always remember to close this switch before leaving as an extra safety precaution against potential venting issues.

Raypak is excited to announce their newest product, the Pool Heater Rollout SW Open. This innovative pool heater offers superior performance and maximum energy efficiency, making it a great choice for both residential and commercial applications. With its easy-to-use digital controls, this unit provides simple access to all of its features and makes heating your pool fast and trouble free.

No matter what size or shape of your pool may be, Raypak’s Rollout SW Open has you covered with reliable operation that will keep your swimming area warm throughout the season!

Raypak Roll Out Switch

The Raypak Roll Out Switch is a safety device designed to shut off your pool or spa heater if the heat exchanger becomes too hot. By monitoring the temperature of the heat exchanger, this switch will automatically turn off your heater if it reaches unsafe levels and prevent possible damage from overheating. It’s an essential safety feature that can save you money in the long-term by protecting your equipment from costly repairs due to overheating.

Raypak Rollout Switch Reset

Resetting your Raypak Rollout Switch is a simple but important process. This switch, which is located on your heating unit, protects the system from overheating and helps maintain safe operating temperatures. By pressing the reset button on the rollout switch, you can easily reset it and get your heater running smoothly again.

It’s an easy way to give yourself peace of mind that your heating system is in good working order!

Raypak Pool Heater Rollout Switch Location

The Raypak pool heater rollout switch is located on the lower left side of the unit. This switch will shut off the power to the unit in case of an overheat condition and must be reset after correcting any issues that caused it to trip. It is important to make sure your heater’s safety features are working properly, so if you have difficulty locating this switch or if it appears damaged, contact a qualified service technician for assistance.

Raypak Pressure Switch

The Raypak Pressure Switch is an essential component of any pool or spa heating system. It works to regulate the pressure in the system, preventing damage and ensuring a safe operating environment for your equipment. This switch can detect changes in pressure quickly and accurately, shutting off power if necessary to prevent over-pressurization and potential harm.

Additionally, this type of switch offers reliable performance for many years with minimal maintenance required.

How to Fix Water Sw Open on Pool Heater

If you have a pool heater that is stuck open on the water side, there are several steps to take in order to repair it. First, check the pressure switch and ensure that it is operating properly. If not, replace the switch with a new one.

Next, make sure all valves are closed and check for any blockages in the pipes leading to or from the heater. Once these steps have been completed, turn off power to your pool heater at both ends of your circuit breaker and reset it by turning back on again after ten seconds or so. Finally, inspect all hoses connected to your pool heater for any visible damage such as cracks or leaks and replace them if necessary before reopening all valves and restoring power once more.

Following these instructions should help fix an open water side issue related to your pool’s heating system!

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Where is the Roll Out Switch on Raypak Pool Heater?

The roll out switch on a Raypak pool heater is located near the combustion chamber, typically just inside the access panel. It can be identified by its bright red color and should not be confused with other switches or buttons in the area.To locate it:

• Open up the access panel of your Raypak pool heater• Look for a bright red switch or button near the combustion chamber

What Causes Flame Rollout on a Pool Heater?

Flame rollout is a safety feature that shuts off the gas to the pool heater if it senses excessive heat. This can occur due to several reasons, including:* Blockage in the ventilation system,

* Failure of an internal component, such as a thermocouple or pressure switch,* Improper air/gas mixture or incorrect settings on the controls. The most common cause is usually inadequate combustion air supply resulting from poor venting.

To prevent flame rollout, all components should be inspected and maintained regularly by a qualified technician.

How Do You Replace a Raypak Rollout Switch?

To replace a Raypak rollout switch:* Turn off all power to the unit.* Remove the access panel.

* Unscrew and remove the existing switch.* Connect wires from new switch to existing wiring according to instructions on new switch label.* Securely fasten new switch into place with screws provided by manufacturer.

Once complete, turn power back on and test for proper operation of system.

Why is My Raypak Pool Heater Not Firing?

There are a variety of reasons why your Raypak pool heater is not firing. Here are some possible causes:• Malfunctioning Thermostat – The thermostat may be set too low, or the wiring connecting it to the heater could be faulty.

• Ignition Failure – This could be due to an inadequate gas supply, dirty spark electrodes, or a defective ignition control module.• Blocked Air Supply – If the air inlet or outlet is blocked by debris, this can prevent proper combustion and cause the heater to shut down.To determine which of these issues is causing your Raypak pool heater not to fire up, contact a qualified technician for assistance.

Raypak Pool Heat Rollout SW Open


This blog post has provided an overview of the Raypak Pool Heater Rollout SW Open, a new pool heater that is designed to provide users with increased efficiency and safety. With its robust design and advanced features, this product is sure to help pool owners save money on energy costs while keeping their pools safe and comfortable all year round. We hope that this article has been helpful in understanding how this amazing heater works and the impressive benefits it offers.

Raypak Pool Heater Rollout Sw Open - Home Advisor Blog (2024)


What causes flame rollout on a pool heater? ›

You can try to clean the heat exchange by inserting something into the tubes. However if the obstruction is more than a spider web you will have to remove it to clean it. The roll out is a safety to advise you that either your flue passage is restricted or your gas pressure is extremely hi.

What does open water sensor mean on pool heater? ›

As for your issue. (open water temp sensor) That means the control board can no longer read the temperature of the incoming water.

Why is my Raypak pool heater not kicking on? ›

Check the Power: If your Raypak pool heater isn't working at all, the problem could be something as simple as a lack of power. Go make sure there aren't any tripped circuit breakers in the fuse box, then check that the unit's time clock is set to the “On” position.

What causes a rollout switch to open? ›

Rollout switches are designed to trip when the heat exchanger is cracked or if there's an issue with the way the burners are lighting or burning.

What is a rollout switch on a heater? ›

Your furnace has a safety device that is designed to detect flame. rollouts. It's called a flame rollout switch, and it cuts off the. gas supply to your furnace when it detects higher temperatures than normal. immediately outside the combustion chamber.

Why is my Raypak not igniting? ›

There are several reasons that a pool heater will not light. The most common cause is a fuel delivery issue. In addition, the gas pressure would have to be measured with a manometer to ensure it is within the operating pressures specified in the installation manual.

How do you prevent flame rollouts? ›

As the furnace flame continues to burn, it may lead to flame rollout due to the heat exchanger no longer containing flue gases. An excellent way to prevent this from happening is to invest in a furnace with multiple heat exchangers.

Can a dirty filter cause flame rollout? ›

A clogged air filter can prevent enough oxygen getting through, and that can result in “flame rollout.” It's about as scary as it sounds, as flames will “roll out” from the furnace cabinet to suck up more oxygen. Running the furnace in this state can be dangerous, as it might catch fire to nearby objects.

What can cause flame rollout? ›

The flame rollout switch is a safety feature that shuts off the gas supply to the burner if the flame blows out. This can happen for several reasons, such as a dirty burner or a blocked flue. A flame rollout can also be caused by a faulty gas valve or a problem with the electrical igniter.

What are the modes of Raypak? ›

ConfigurationFiring ModeThermal Efficiency
Two StageHigh Fire82%
Low Fire79.5%
Four StageHigh Fire82%
3 more rows

What is open outlet water heater? ›

For open-outlet (low-pressure) storage type electric water heaters, they are designed to supply only one serving point and the outlet is controlled by a special water mixer which maintains a vented passage for the air inside the tank to the atmosphere.

What does the code if mean on a pool heater? ›

The IF code stands for ignition failure, which means your heater tried to light, but it did not. The SB code stands for a keypad failure. The keypad failure is typically just the membrane pad. If it was the display board you would see a CE error. Ask Your Own Pool and Spa Question.

Which switch on a pool heater will close on proper water flow? ›

The first one is the pressure switch. This switch makes sure enough water is flowing through the unit before it will let the pool heater turn on. This means you must have the pump on and a clean filter for this switch to close and allow voltage to pass through.

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