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The Square Team App allows employers to communicate with their team, run and manage payroll, view and edit their team profile, create timecards, and view payroll reports — all from their own iPhones or Android devices, at no additional charge.

You can download the Square Team App for iPhone from the App Store on an iPhone or from Google Play on an Android device.

Download the Square Team App for iOS iPhone

  1. Download the Square Team App from the App Store icon on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac.

  2. Log in with your existing Square account.

Note: If you need help with your Apple ID, please contact AppleCare.

Download the Square Team App for Android

  1. Download the Square Team App from Google Play on your device.

  2. Log in with your existing Square account.

Note: If you need help setting up your Google account, please contact Google Help.

App Layout

Once your team member(s) have downloaded the Square Team App, they will be able to utilize several different features throughout the workday. You can find information on how to navigate the Square Team App below. The specific tabs visible will depend on the products to which your business is subscribed.

Main Home Screen

From the main screen, you can view your hours worked and estimated earnings for the current pay period, clock in/out, and view your shifts. When you clock in, you will also have the ability to tap the Add note button to include a note with your shift details for the day. Note: Estimated earnings are based on data entered by your employer — this is your estimated gross weekly earnings and may not reflect actual wages to be paid. It doesn’t include commissions, deductions, or taxes.

Tap the Clock In, Take Break, or Clock Out buttons from the Home screen of the Square Team app to track your time. You can also tap the Add note button when you clock in to leave a note to the account owner or manager(s). If your employer has turned on cash tip tracking, you’ll be prompted to provide the amount of cash tips you earned during your shift before clocking out or switching jobs.Your employer will need to enable permissions to allow you to track time from the app.

Note: Depending on the Time enforcement settings your employer has set, you may not be able to clock-in early or end your break(s) early. If either or both of these settings are enabled, you will only be able to clock-in once your shift starts and will need to take your break(s) in their entirety.


If you are subscribed to Team Communication, you will see a Messages tab. Tap + to compose a message or an announcement. Learn more about Team Communication.


From the Shifts section of the app, you can also view your team’s schedule and shift details, including hours scheduled and what job title their shifts are scheduled for.


From the Explore tab, employers can view additional Square services that help you manage and communicate with your team that also integrate with the Square Team App. Depending on your current subscriptions, you’ll see options to get your team paid through Square Payroll, schedule and track your team’s time with Square Shifts, or use Team Communication to create announcements, messaging, and knowledge-sharing tools between your business and your team.

You can set up both Square Shifts and Square Team Communication with a 30-day free trial. With Square Payroll, your subscription will start once you submit your first pay run.

Note: The Explore tab is only available on iOS devices.


Employers can run payroll, view payroll history and reports, timecards, team members, benefits and HR, tax forms, and change payroll settings from the Payroll tab. Additional information for each Payroll subsection is below.

Run Payroll

Employers can pay W-2 employees and contractors from the Square Team App. Note: This section is only available to employers subscribed to Square Payroll.

Learn more about running payroll.

History & Reports

Note: This section is only available to employers subscribed to Square Payroll.

Employers can view a breakdown of your tax calculations and debits for each pay run by heading to the History & Reports tab and selecting a pay run. Learn more about Square Payroll Reports.

Payroll Team

Note: This section is only available to employers subscribed to Square Payroll.

Employers can add team members or access information about current or former individual team members.

Benefits & HR

Team members can view any benefits they are currently enrolled in along with any benefit deductions. Employers can view worker’s compensation, access HR services, and purchase background checks. Learn more about employee benefits with Square Payroll in our Support Center.

Note: HR is only available to employers subscribed to Square Payroll.

Tax Forms

Team members can view the W-2 and/or 1099-NEC forms Square Payroll has filed on their behalf with the IRS. If employers opt in to paper mail through the Payroll Settings tab, Square Payroll will mail a physical tax form in January to the address we have on file for the team member once the tax year concludes. Employers can view tax forms generated by Square, check the filing status of forms, download informational copies for their records, and generate draft Form W-2s per employee.

To download or print tax forms, they will need to log into their Square Payroll team member dashboard from a computer.

Note: Team members who are no longer active cannot login in to the Team App. Deactivated team members can only access payroll documents, such as tax forms and paystubs, through their Team Member Dashboard.


Note: This section is only available to employers subscribed to Square Payroll.

Employers can update their business information and tax information, change the pay schedule, and manage bank accounts.


From here, team members can view additional information that is on file from them, such as work location, and account settings. Further information for each tab for payroll team members is below.


From the Team section of the app, view and edit your list of team members.

Personal information & Personal settings

From this section you can view and update your name, contact information, and account security information.

Sign Out

Tap Log out to exit the app.

Square Team App for Employers | Square Support Center (2024)
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