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The Square Team App allows team members to clock in/out, view their hours worked and shifts, request time off, view their pay for the week and view their team profile – all from their own iPhones or Android devices, at no additional charge. Not only does this help you manage your team better, but it also enables a contactless, hygienic clock-in option – reducing the need for shared surfaces and potential crowding around the point of sale.

Get Started

There are a few ways to get started with the Square Team App. If you have team members with email addresses or phone numbers already associated with their team profile, as well as the ability to log in to Mobile Point of Sale or Dashboard, they can download the app directly to their iPhones or Android devices.

You can download the Square Team App for iPhone from the App Store on an iPhone or from Google Play on an Android device.

For employers that are creating new team members or updating permissions for existing team members, an onboarding invite will be sent directly to the team member after their team profile and permissions have been successfully created or updated. Note: an email address or phone number is required in the team profile for a Square Team App onboarding invite to be sent.

Send Square Team App Onboarding Invite to New Team Members

Once a team member profile is created, you’ll have the option to send them invites to join your account through the Team tab of the Team app. You can also update permissions for existing team members by visiting their profile(s) from the Team section in your online Square Dashboard and clicking Edit next to Permissions. Once new permissions have been assigned, your new or existing team member(s) will receive an onboarding invite to download the Square Team App.

Remote Clock In/Out

You can enable/disable the ability to clock in/out from the Square Team App at any time. To do so, visit the Shift Settings section of your online Square Dashboard.

App Layout

Once your team member(s) have downloaded the Square Team App, they’ll be able to utilise several different features throughout the working day. You can find information on how to navigate the Square Team App below.

Main home screen

From the main screen, you can view your hours worked and estimated earnings for the current pay period, clock in/out and view your shifts. When you clock in, you’ll also have the ability to tap the Add note button to include a note with your shift details for the day. Note: estimated earnings are based on data entered by your employer – this is your estimated gross weekly earnings and may not reflect actual wages to be paid. It doesn’t include commissions, deductions or taxes.

Tap the Clock In, Take Break or Clock Out buttons from the Home screen of the Square Team App to track your time. You can also tap the Add note button when you clock in to leave a note to the account owner or manager(s). If your employer has turned on cash tip tracking, you’ll be prompted to provide the amount of cash tips you earned during your shift before clocking out or switching jobs.Your employer will need to enable permissions to allow you to track time from the app.

Note: depending on the Time enforcement settings your employer has set through Square Shifts, you may not be able to clock in early or end your break(s) early. If either or both of these settings are enabled, you’ll only be able to clock in once your shift starts and will need to take your break(s) in their entirety.

View Messages

Once you download the Square Team App, you’ll see a speech bubble icon labelled Messages. Tap + to compose a message, or view the list to see your recent received and sent messages to team members and managers.

Learn more about Square Team Communication.


From the Shifts > Timecards section of the app, you can manage your shifts by keeping an eye on your hours worked and breaks taken. You will have the option to tap on a specific timecard to view the regular, overtime and total hours worked that shift, along with past notes associated with the timecard in question. If your employer is subscribed to Shifts Plus, you can also request edits for past shifts, including changes to job title, clock-in time, clock-out time, breaks, and notes associated with your shift.

From the Shifts > Rota section of the app, you can also view your rota and shift details, including hours scheduled and what job title your shift is scheduled for. In addition, by selecting More from the homepage, you can update your Availability and Notifications associated with your rota. With Shifts Plus, you’ll also receive reminders to clock in and out for your scheduled shifts.


Additional Settings

Tap More on the bottom navigation bar to view and edit:

Personal information & Personal settings

From this section you can view and update your name, contact information and account security information.


From this section, you can set your rota availability for your shifts.

Time Off

To request time off, tap the Request time off button, select the time frame you want to request off with the date selector tool, add an optional note and tap Request off. Note: this feature is only available to Shifts Plus subscribers.

Sign Out

Tap Log out to exit the app.

Square Team App for Employers | Square Support Centre (2024)
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