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The goal of the Transportation Department is to provide the safest, most reliable service possible for the students of Klein ISD. The district prepares well trained, qualified drivers who are committed to following all policies and procedures so that we may provide excellent service to our students.

The Klein ISD transportation department is responsible for safely busing nearly23,000 students to and from school each day on nearly240 routes, afourth of which are special education routes. The transportation department also provides busing for sports and other extra-curricular activities. Our numbers will continue to grow but our commitment to service and safety will never change.

Receive alerts & notifications with the SMART tag Parent APP!

The SMART tag Parent App allows parents to

  • View their student profiles and assigned routes.
  • Monitor their student's riding activity.
  • Sign up to get notified when their student gets on/off the bus at their home stop and school.
  • Sign up to get notified when the bus is arriving at their home stop.
  • Manage guardians authorized to receive their student at their PM drop-off stop (for the primary parent in Skyward only).

Download, Account, & Link Students

  • Download the SMART tag Parent App
  • Create an Account
  • Link Your Account to Your Student
  • Other Notifications and Information

Download the SMART tag Parent App

First, you must download the App. (iOS & Android available)

Download SMART tag Parent App

Create an Account

  1. Launch the SMART tag Parent App
  2. Tap Create an account.
  3. Enter the email address you have included in your student’s information in Skyward as the primary parent on your students account.

Note: If you are listed as parent 2 or a co-parent in Skyward use your current email address. The primary parent on your student’s account will have to approve you before you are able to see your students' transportation information.

  1. Enter the 6-digit code emailed to you.
  2. Create a password.

Link Your Account to Your Student

  1. Log into the Parent App with your email and password.
  2. On the welcome screen, tap Find students.
  3. Type Klein
  4. If your email exists as the primary parent on your student’s skyward records, it will be recognized and will display all students associated with that email address. Confirm or remove students.

Note: If your email is not recognized, it is not associated as the primary parent of any students in Skyward. You may try using your phone number. If your phone number is associated with a student, a verification code will be texted to you. You may also try linking to the student manually. Manual linking is only for co-parent or secondary parents accounts and can only be done if the primary parent in Skyward has successfully linked to the student in the SMART Tag Parent App. You will need to enter the student ID, date of birth, and school then submit the request to the primary parent for approval. The student will appear as pending in your Students list until approved. If there is no action from the primary parent, please contact Transportation. View this video for more information.

  1. Once students are linked, you can choose your SMART Alert settings (per student).

Other Notifications and Information

Family Bus-Stop Responsibilities

  • Pre- K Release for Take Home in the Afternoon
  • At the Bus Stop in the Afternoon

Pre- K Release for Take Home in the Afternoon

It is the policy of the Klein Independent School District that no pre-kindergarten student will be dropped off at the residence in the afternoon home trip unless there is a responsible caretaker there to receive the student.

If a responsible caretaker is not available, your child will be returned to his/her campus and you will be notified by the school to pick your child up at that location.

At the Bus Stop in the Afternoon

We do not require, but encourage parents with childrenin grades kindergarten - 2nd to be at the bus stop or have a responsible adult meet the bus in the afternoon.

This assures the bus driver that your child is in safe hands. If no one is available for this purpose, please notify the bus driver that your child can be dropped off unattended.

Eligibility & Safety

  • Transportation Eligibility
  • School Bus Safety Tips

Transportation Eligibility

Is your child eligible for transportation? Eligibility for transportation in the Klein Independent School District is determined by the student's home address. Students will be provided with bus transportation by the Klein Independent School District if they individually meet the state's guidelines for eligibility.

NAPT Video: Connecting What Matters

Basic Eligibility Requirements Include

a. A student must legally reside two or more miles from his/her assigned campus as measured along the shortest route.
"Klein ISD follows the recommendation of the Texas Education Agency for distance measurements as outlined in theSchoolTransportation AllotmentHandbook. Specifically, KISD measures the shortest route that can be traveled on public roads fromthe driveway or nearest property line of the student's legal residenceand the nearest entranceof the campus."

b. A student legally resides less than two miles from his/her assigned campus; andthe only route to and from school via a street or road requires the student to walk along or cross a major thoroughfare.

For purposes of eligibility, a major thoroughfare is a heavily traveled mainly nonresidential area road, with traffic essentially controlled by traffic lights, and generally four lanes in width. A determination may be made by the school administration that a segment of road satisfies this definition.

The preceding is subject to availability of buses and bus capacity requirements as determined by the Texas Education Agency. For additional information on State guidelines for student rider eligibility requirements, please click on the link below.

State Guidelines for Student Rider Eligibility

School Bus Safety Tips

Protect Your Riding Privilege -
Know and Follow the School Bus Safety Rules

  1. Follow all directions the first time they are given by the driver.
  2. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.
  3. Be courteous, use no profane language.
  4. Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  5. Keep the bus clean.
  6. Do not use tobacco.
  7. Do not be destructive.
  8. Stay in your seat.
  9. Keep head, handsandfeet inside the bus.
  10. Busdriver is authorized to assign seats.
  11. Only musical instruments which can be held in the student's lap will be allowed on the bus

This is a partial list of guidelines; however, there are additional rules which can be found in your child’s student handbook. To view the Transportation Section of theStudent Handbookand your child's Student Handbook, click on the Student Handbook subpage.

The Danger Zone

Transportation - Klein Independent School District (1)
  • Stay out of the Danger Zone at all times.
  • Remember - if you can't see the driver, the driver can't see you!
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • If you drop something in the Danger Zone, leave it. Never stop to pick it up. Notify an adult and they can get the item for you.
  • Know where the Danger Zones are locatedaround the school bus.
  • The 10 giant step rule is a good measurement forchildren to identify the Danger Zone around a school bus.

Loading and Unloading - Avoid the Danger Zone

Transportation - Klein Independent School District (2)

The Danger Zone is the 10 foot area on all sides of the bus where children are in the most danger of being hit.

  • When loading, stay away from the Danger Zone.
  • Wait until the bus comes to a complete stop and the door opens.
  • Wait for the driver's signal.
  • Board the bus in single file.
Transportation - Klein Independent School District (3)
  • When unloading, look before stepping off the bus to be sure no cars are passing on the shoulder side of the road.
  • Exit the bus moving out of the Danger Zone.
  • Before crossing the street, take five "giant steps" out from the front of the bus, or until the driver's face can be seen.
  • Wait for the driver to signal that it is safe to cross.
  • Look left-right-left when coming to the edge of the bus to make sure traffic is stopped.
  • Continue to watch for traffic as you cross the street.

School Bus Evacuation Information

While school bus transportation is generallyvery safe, there are occasions when it becomes necessary to evacuate the bus.Advance knowledge and practice of what to do in an emergency will increase the likelihood of a real evacuation going smoothly. This guide was created to teach the basics of emergency school bus evacuations.

Join the Team - Become a Bus Driver!

  • Apply Today!
  • Bus Driver Training

Apply Today!

Klein ISD is Hiring Bus Drivers

A school bus driver gets there when nobody else can; finds houses that don't exist and children with no names. They dry tears, dispel fears, and find lost notbook...

Transportation - Klein Independent School District (4)

Bus Driver Training

Transportation - Klein Independent School District (5)

The simulator training is part of a three-day course that teaches the state laws when driving a school bus, as well as braking and evasive steering and then tests the driver’s knowledge. With the help of the simulator training, there is an average of a 38% reduction in driver error accidents which results in lower costs for the district.

This state-of-the-art simulator provides drivers with many scenarios to teach them responsible and proactive reactions in stressful situations. Equipped with more than 400 scenarios, the simulator can mock anything from weather conditions such as high winds or even snow, toblow outsand mechanical failures of the bus. A real seat and steering wheel help teach drivers defensive driving, evasive steering and allows them to practice their safety procedures.

Transportation - Klein Independent School District (2024)
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