Alexis Ryan Birthday (2024)

Alexis Ryan, known as Skylander Girl and Lexi Funnel Vision, was born on July 24, 2006. She is a popular YouTuber who has been on camera since she was barely a few months old. Ryan has lived under the spotlight in her family’s YouTube channels, which feature their lives. Fun-loving, energetic, and enthusiastic, Ryan — now in her teens — has become a star in her own right, endorsing brands and even owning a clothing label. Celebrate her special day with fun insights into her life and fledgling career as a viral star.

Fast Facts

Full Name:

Alexis Ryan


Lexi, Lex, Skylander Girl

Birth date:

July 24, 2006



Zodiac Sign:



5' 2"

Relationship Status:


Net Worth:

$2 million

Alexis's Social Media:


Barely 15, YouTuber Alexis Ryan has become quite the sensation. She has British-French-Irish ancestry but was born in the United States to popular YouTubers Vincent and Samantha Ryan, better known as FGTeeV Duddy and FGTeeV Mum. She has three younger brothers: Mike, Shawn, and Chase. YouTuber Minecraft Ethan (Ethan McKinnon) is her cousin. She is also well known as Skylander Girl, a nickname she has since outgrown.

Her first brush with fame came when she was barely a year old. In 2006, her parents launched their YouTube Channel FUNnel Vision, and posted their first video of Ryan as an infant in 2007, which became very popular. In 2010, she was formally introduced in a video featuring her father, two aunts, and younger brother. Over the years, as Ryan grew older, her family added new family gaming channels to YouTube — The Skylander Boy and Girl, FGTeeV, and DohMuchFun — and she featured in all of them. It was in 2011 that she came to the public’s attention with the viral video ‘If the Kids Were in Charge,’ in which she and her brother exchanged roles with their parents. She went on to perform with her family on other entertaining videos covering food, travel, games, and reviews. She has also appeared on YouTube channels and series, including Twiplet World and Dingle Hopperz.

While her YouTube channels with her family have garnered her much popularity, she has also branched out to become a TikTok star in her own right. She can be found lip-syncing to songs on TikTok and has endorsed several brands. Fans are also in awe of her fashion sense, and she has launched a clothing label called Lexoxo. As more time progresses, fans eagerly await new moves from this social media star.

Career timeline


Her Parents Launch a YouTube Channel

Called FUNnel Vision, the channel is in the works barely a few months after Ryan is born.


She Makes Her First Video Appearance

At a little over one year of age, she features in the very first video on her parents’ YouTube channel.


She is Formally Introduced on the Channel

In a video titled ‘Raise Your Glass Music Video,’ Ryan is formally introduced on the family channel alongside other family members.


She Becomes a Viral Sensation

After her appearance with her family in a comedy video — ‘If the Kids Were in Charge’ — she becomes immensely popular.


She Launches Her Clothing Label

Featuring a line of casual clothing, Ryan launches the apparel label Lexoxo.

Why We Love Alexis Ryan

  1. She has adorable dogs

    Ryan and her family have two adorable dogs, Oreo and Ollie. Both dogs are featured on the family’s YouTube channel and can also be seen on her social media pages.

  2. She is a good older sibling

    Ryan is the oldest among all her siblings and takes care of her brothers. She is often seen in her YouTube videos and Instagram page spending time with her siblings and hanging out with them.

  3. She knows how to have fun

    Just like most other teenagers, Ryan keeps a casual outlook on life. She is often seen having fun with her friends and family and does not appear to read too much into her celebrity status.

5 Surprising Facts

  1. She’s some months older than her channel

    Born in July 2006, she is a few months older than her family’s YouTube channel, which was started by her parents in December of the same year.

  2. She tried chips on her first appearance

    When Ryan appeared on her YouTube channel’s first episode in 2007, she was shown trying salt and vinegar chips.

  3. Her first video was viewed by millions

    Her first video on YouTube has garnered over five million views over the years.

  4. She is a talented musician

    Ryan is also musically gifted and has various compilations on a lip-sync platform.

  5. Some of her videos were taken down

    YouTube once took down some of the videos on her family channel for not being advertisem*nt-friendly.

Alexis Ryan FAQs

How old is Alexis Ryan?

She is 16 years old as of 2023.

Where does Alexis Ryan live?

She lives in LA.

What school does Alexis Ryan go to?

While it is known that Ryan goes to a local high school in the United States, the exact name of her school is unknown.

Alexis Ryan’s birthday dates

2024July 24Wednesday
2025July 24Thursday
2026July 24Friday
2027July 24Saturday
2028July 24Monday

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Alexis Ryan Birthday (2024)
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