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  • LexiÂaka Skylander Girl, is an American YouTuber, best known for her appearances on her family's channels FUNnel Vision, The SkylanderBoy andGirl, FGTeeV and DohMuchFun, together with her parentsVincent and Samantha and her 3 brothersÂMichaelChase and Shawn.
  • OverÂ9 million subscribers have watched their videos, more than 9.2 billion times.
  • Get to know her better, below.
Real name:Lexi

Skylander Girl Height

How tall is Skylander Girl?132 cm / 4 ft 4 in
Born:24 July 2006 Comment
How old is Skylander Girl in 2024? / Age:17 years
Where was Skylander Girl born?USA
Nicknames:Lexi FUNnel Vision, Lexi FGTeeV
Zodiac sign:Leo

Skylander Girl Net worth 2024 (estimated)

How much is Skylander Girl worth?Under review
Hair color:Brown
Eyes color:Brown

Who is Skylander Girl? / FactsÂÂÂ

  • Rise to fame - Lexi's parents, Vincent (Skylander Dad)Âand Samantha (Skylander Mom), created their first channel in December 2006, FUNnel Vision, postingÂfrequently. Their humour and family safe content attracted hoards of subscribers and, afterÂdeciphering the receipe of success, they added 3 more channels to their network,ÂThe SkylanderBoy andGirl, FGTeeV and DohMuchFun. Combined, they have over 9m subscribers and 9.2bn views.
  • Family - She was born the first in 2006, just a few months before her parents created their first YouTube channel, and was followed by Michael (10th of November 2008), Chase (1st of October 2008) andÂShawnÂ(17th of November 2015).
  • - She has also a strong fan base on, with over 600k followers. She posts underÂlex_0724
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What users say about Skylander Girl

  • Peyton: I love your videos (March 17, 2021)ÂReply »
  • elfiz: I used to like her lol (March 03, 2021)ÂReply »
  • Kn1ght_w1ng: I think skylander girl is a cool name because it is from the game skylanders (February 20, 2021)ÂReply »
  • skylandergirl hater 300: Skylander girl, that's a crappy name! She acts like a 2 year old (February 17, 2021)ÂReply »
  • Kaiden Ragan: Do you have a boyfriend? (February 14, 2021)ÂReply »
  • Anonymous user: She is a beautiful girl who is very creative and smart and funny and genorous. (February 08, 2021)ÂReply »
  • clicky: cool girl (February 06, 2021)ÂReply »
  • stephon: I love your videos, I hope you all are OK, stay safe! (February 03, 2021)ÂReply »
  • Anonymous Admirer: I love you. You are the best YouTuber teenager I've ever watched. (February 01, 2021)ÂReply »
  • isabella: hi Lex, are you English? (January 20, 2021)ÂReply »
  • Shameilia: I like her, she is nice and pretty (January 10, 2021)ÂReply »
  • austin davis: You're cute, date me! (December 16, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Siyani Anni for short: Lexi doesn't come in Fgteev vids that much and everytime I see her she's always on her phone. (December 08, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Sophia: grow... old... *cries violently* (November 11, 2020)ÂReply »
  • im not saying my real name but u can call me ruby and no that is not my real name: I LOVE LEXIIIIIIIIII (October 21, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Louisa: beautiful (October 18, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Anonymous user: she hot tho (October 18, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Mariah.Ramirez: lexi, your videos are a good job (October 08, 2020)ÂReply »
  • XYRONSLASHER: Will you invite me as your friend in roblox? (September 11, 2020)ÂReply »
  • skylar: Are you from fgteev? (August 25, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Alexis smoke: I love her! keep going with Fgteev. peace (August 17, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Zack: My name is Zack, I live in North Carolina and i'd like us to be friends (August 15, 2020)ÂReply »
  • MASON BRIMLEY: LET ME SMASH! (August 09, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Becky: I think she's fu baby and nice (August 08, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Mia saenz: I love her so much. Lex, I am a big fan! (August 07, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Noone: I love you so much (August 06, 2020)ÂReply »
  • kylie: i love your tik tok! (July 30, 2020)ÂReply »
  • Tavion: I love your videos and your family and you keep doing what your doing and never let anyone tell you different than you think and believe in love you and you family (July 23, 2020)ÂReply »
  • PresleyLiu: OMG, I love skylander girl, if she says noodle power on her birthday vid, I will be soooooooooo happy, I will cry! (July 07, 2020)ÂReply »

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